Cinema 4D Tutorials


Cinema 4D Tips & Tricks

Introduction to Cinema 4D (Greyscalegorilla)

Beginner Tutorial – shortcuts, tips, and tricks (Sean Frangella, 26 min)

Chris Schmidt’s Favorite Cinema 4D Tips and Shortcuts (Greyscalegorilla, 22 min)

Siggraph 2015 presentations (Advanced techniques, Cineversity)

Helloluxx C4D Motion graphics tutorials

Soft body tutorial (Helloluxx, 38 min)



Introduction to the Multi-Shader in C4D (QuickVFX, 6 min)

Using Mograph to Create a ‘Transparency Effector’ (EJ Hassenfratz, 6 min)

Color Shader and Mograph Selections (Nick Hopkins, 10 min)

RandomColors with Mograph ColorShader (ThePixelLab, 2 min)


How to use the Spline Wrap Deformer object (, 10 min)

Basic Cinema 4D tutorials Part 12 More Mograph Objects (Chris Schmidt, 16 min)

Creating and animating a flower (, 15 min)

C4D Essential Motion Graphic Techniques Class 1 (FXPHD C4D213, 45 min)

Animate the growth of a plant with MoGraph Part 1 (You Mograph, 29 min)

Animate the growth of a plant with MoGraph Part 2 (You Mograph, 6 min)

Grow an object over time in C4D (3dworld 7 min)


Understanding the Inheritance Effector (QuickVFX, 7 min)

Particle Morph Using Cinema 4D’s Inheritance Effector (EJ Hassenfratz, 28 min)


Sound Effector

C4D Tutorial Xpresso + Sound Effector + Displacer Deformer (The Pixel Lab, 7 min)

C4D Tutorial – Motion Drop + Sound Effector (mymotiongraphics, 21 min)


Character Rigging

Rigging with the Character Animation Tool – R13, Rob Redman, 18 min


Retargeting with Mocap Data

Retargeting Mocap to Custom Rigs in C4D (Digital Tutors, 68 min)


Camera Tracking (R17 Motion Tracker)

Motion Tracker (Greyscalegorilla, 7 min)

Motion Tracker (Cineversity, 4 min)



Camera Animation Tips, Tricks, and Tags (Sean Frangella, 17 min)

Adding Depth of Field and Motion Blur (Sean Frangella, 13 min)

Camera Crane and other 3D Camera Rigs (Sean Frangella, 13 min)


Staging / Previsualization

Switching Cameras with Stage Object (The Pixel Lab, 2 min)

Working with the Take System in C4D R17 (Sean Frangella, 10 min)

Use C4D’s Doodle Tool to Quickly Plan Your 3D Animations (Pluralsight free, 8 min)



Natural lighting intro – R13, Rob Redman, 28 min

Global Illumination Settings In Cinema 4D R15  – Greyscalegorilla, 51 min

Time lapse animations using Physical Sky and Global Illumination – Konstantin Magnus, 11 min


C4D Plugins

How to use Motion Drop (Free Cinema 4D Plugin, mymotiongraphics, 31 min)

Shadow Catcher Plugin (Shadows without compositing, free download + tut)



How to Morph Between Splines in C4D (EJ Hassenfratz, 24 min)

Using the Align to Spline Tag with Xpresso in C4D (SweepNURB SplineWrap growth, EJ Hassenfratz, 32 min)

Creating Cel Animation Style Paint Strokes in C4D (EJ Hassenfratz, 32 min)



Reflectance Channel – short intro (Greyscalegorilla, 8 min)

The Reflectance Channel (Cineversity playlist,


Microscope Shader

Make An Electron Microscope Scene In C4D (Greyscalegorilla, 15 min)

NAB 2014 Rewind – Thomas Brown: Medical MoGraph (Cineversity, 48 min)

AE and C4D: Brain Cell Animation (VideoFort, 16 min)


Cartoon Shader

2d fx with tracer object and metaball (Matteo Forghieri, 1 min)

Using the Cel Shader to Apply an Illustrative 2D Style to 3D Objects in C4D (EJ Hassenfratz, 31 min)

Using Cappucino to Create Realtime Animation & Keyframe Reduction (EJ Hassenfratz, 16 min)



Writing Clouds with Pyrocluster in C4D (10 min Tutorial)

Particle Type in C4D (Mograph particle on type, schoolofmotion, 61 min)



Formula examples (French C4D Usergroup) (XPresso tutorials and formula examples, German)



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