Houdini Tutorials


Houdini Basics

Houdini Installation Guide (Houdini Apprentice = free)

Houdini Quicksart Tutorial (Procedural modeling and destruction of a temple, 46 min)

Houdini Quickstart Lessons (45 basic lessons, perfect for for beginners, 2-5 min each)

Houdini for Beginners (Apple Soldier, Extrude text, break, RBD, shading, 8 min)

Houdini 9 and 10 Tutorials (Apple Soldier, Short clips for beginners, 6-11 min each)

Motion FX – audio driven deformation (SideFX Quickstart)

Expressions in filenames (houdinitricks.com blog)

Procedural Modeling and Animation in Houdini (Rohan Dalvi, 36 min)



Ocean Waves Р Houdini off the shelf, 21 min



Cloud Collsion Tutorial – FX Hive, 14 min, silent


Geometry transformation

Dry Sand (Houdini Quickstart Lesson, 3 min)

RBD Fracture (Houdini Quickstart Lesson, 3 min)

Cloud Tools (Houdini off the shelf, 20 min)

Flip Fluids (Peter Quint, 20 min)

Point transformation in Houdini (Rohan Dalvi, 22 min)

Introduction to POP grains (sand solver) (Rohan Dalvi, 47 min)

Geometry Slicer (Simon Fiedler, 46 min)

Geometry Boiling Effect (Simon Fiedler, 41 min)




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