External Ressources


Textures.com (huge library, tileable and unedited, 1k – 15 free downloads per day)

SideFX Free Texture Pack (19 tileable textures, in. tif and also in .rat format for use in Houdini)

Stian Ervik Wahlvåg (13 texture packages with normal, spec maps etc., free download)

David Gurrea (unedited photos ~2k, edited game textures, free download)

Mtextur.ch (Buildingmaterials CAD- & BIM-Textures)

Lugher Texture (broad variety, unedited ~3k, free download)

Mayang Textures (broad variety, unedited ~2k, free download)

Lostandtaken (some tileable, 2k, free download)

Image After (Image database with textures and references, free download)

Ben Cloward (Wood Textures, unedited, free download)

Anniemation (Lots of nature textures, cutout leaves etc)

Openfootage (2k tileable, mostly free download)

Plaintextures (2k tileable, only low res free download)

Animax (about 1000 textures, more arch viz related, free download)

Joost Vanhoutte (800 textures, free download / donation)


HDR Panoramas

hdrlabs.com sibl archive (about 100 sIBL sets – free download)

3d-station.fr (about 150 HDR panoramas – free download)

Stian Ervik Wahlvåg (5 HDR panoramas with backplate images- free download)

Bernhard Vogl (15 HDR panoramas – free download)

USC Institute for Creative Technologies (6 HDR panoramas – free download)

openfootage.net (80 HDR panoramas – lowres 1000×500 – 2000×1000 free download, highres 5 EUR each)

Lugher Texture (37 Interior, 135 Urban, 57 Nature)

HDRI-Skies (4096×2048 free download, 15000×7500 5 EUR each)


3D Models

tf3dm.com – Misc models, free download

Archive 3D – Architecture related, furniture, etc, free download

SketchUp 3D Warehouse – Architecture related, SketchUp models, free download

Turbosquid – Misc models, selection of free items

Renderstuff – Misc models, selection of free items

3dcontentcentral.com/ – Machine parts, engineering related, free download

NASA 3D – Space related models and textures, free download

Hondafan – Honda vehicle models, free download

dmi-3d.net/ – Vehicle models, free download

3dlapidary.com/ – Gems and Jewelry models, free download


3D Humans

Makehuman (Open source 3D character creator)

Adobe Fuse CC (3D character creator)


Mocap Files

mocapdata.com (comprehensive mocap library, Japan, partial free)

MovLab (Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Lisboa, Portugal – some free mocap files)

BeyondMotion (free mocap files)

MocapClub.com (some free mocap files)

ACCAD (Ohio Univ. Adv. Computing Center for the Arts and Design – Mocap Lab – downloads)

Animstreet (free mocap files)

CMU’s motion capture database (3dsMax-friendly BVH release, cgspeed)



thenounproject.com (Icon repository)




Google Fonts



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